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Home-based Online ESL Teacher (Full Time) Open to Fresh Graduates
J-P English Corp.

  • Job Posted Date : 2017-05-10 06:50:37
  • Job Reference : J642341999489308

Job Information

  • Industry : Education
  • Job Position : Home-based Online ESL Teacher (Full Time) Open to Fresh Graduates

job descriptions:

    Full-time Online ESL Teachers Home-based & Office-based Positions Available JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • Provide 25-minute English lessons to Japanese students via Skype • Report to the office or go online at least 30 minutes before the work shift/first class • Maintain good attendance and performance record • Evaluate students’ performance, provide appropriate recommendations, and monitor their progress • Post lesson memos and submit sound files on time • Attend training as needed JOB REQUIREMENTS • With or without teaching experience • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply, undergraduates are also welcome • For experienced teachers, individuals with at least 2 years stay in the same company are highly preferred • Must have an exceptional command of the English language • Proficiency in the Japanese language is an advantage and comes with a special rate • Willing to work in Quezon City • Willing to work for at least 8 hours a day for 5-7 days a week • Home-based teachers must have: • either a laptop/desktop computer • a wired Internet connection (LAN) with a speed of at least 3 Mbps *Applicants using any wireless connection (broadband sticks, pocket Wi-Fi, etc.) won’t be entertained • a clear webcam and a headset with external microphone • a working environment conducive for online classes APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Initial Screening (Phone / Personal Interview, English Exam) 2. On-site Training 3. Initial Demo Class 4. Final Demo Class 5. Profile Requirements 6. Paid On-site Training 7. Launching/Orientation VISIT US Unit QRS, 5th Floor, Crissant Plaza Building, Barangay Old Balara, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

Job synopsis

  • Years of Experience : 0
  • Work Location : Luzon | NCR, Quezon City
  • Benefits: JOB PERKS & BENEFITS • Earn as much as Php 40,000 per month • Get classes through either assigning or booking system • Choose your teaching schedule anytime between 4 AM and 12MN • Get a rate increase after 3 months • Receive monthly performance-based incentives • Work with our accommodating support staff • Teach our respectful and professional Japanese students • For office-based teachers: • Unbooked slots will be paid if you teach from 4AM to 7AM and 7PM to 12MN or 6AM to 9AM and 6PM to 11PM • Get a chance to meet and teach your students offline • Join our Japanese language classes offered for free • Take advantage of the free company accommodation located just beside the office building
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Company Information

  • Company Address : Unit-N, 3rd floor, Crissant Plaza Building, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
  • Contacts : 09777519985
  • Company Info : J-P English Corporation is a well-established English Online Tutorial company that is making a name on the international scene for English lessons. We have been giving opportunities to English teachers to practice their profession and show their passion in teaching international students for more than nine (9) years now and we are also planning to offer English lessons to other non-English speaking countries in the world.
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