Top 10 Jobs In 2015


Searching a job and finding out a suitable career is a highly taxing phenomenon. You need to make a good decision and consider all important measures regarding job settings that you are searching for. At the same time, you have to look for the job that is related to your field of interest as well as study. If you want a kick start for your job search, here are some trending jobs for you in 2015.

1) Dentist

One of the most trending jobs in 2015 is the job of Dentist. A dentist is not just only concerned with your teeth; he has to diagnose diabetes, heart diseases and oral cancer during a dental exam. A contented normal salary of $146,340 and good quality work life balance have assisted this fundamental health care job to earn the top spot on the best jobs list, and the Basic Life Support(BLS) looks forward to 23,300 new dentist jobs throughout the year 2022.

2) Nurse practitioners

A nurse practitioner has a collection of capabilities, together with the fact they work autonomously with physicians when taking care of patients. The BLS envisages 37,100 novel positions for these specialized amid 2012 and 2022.

3) Software developer

Software developer professionals typically drop into two camps: There are application developers, who devise computer software in addition to databases; in addition, there are systems focused developers who assemble operating systems, like Linux and IOS. The Labor Department foresees there will be almost 140,000 fresh positions formed before 2022.

4) Physicians

Physicians are the zenith of the health and care food chain. It is their duty to make a diagnosis and give treatment to patients, and educate on appropriate diet, hygiene as well as disease avoidance. Similar to other occupations in the industry, physicians will witness plentiful job increase. The BLS estimates 123,300 fresh job opportunities for physicians amid 2012 and 2022.

5) Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist does not just make your teeth dirt free; he also educates patients on appropriate oral hygiene and cleanliness. Moreover, he makes an annual salary of about $71,110, even though many work part time.

6) Physical Therapist

A physical therapists’ job include serving paralytics recover mobility, cancer survivors renovate their vigor, athletes improve from a damage and much more. The profession is estimated to develop 36 percent by 2022.

7) Computer Systems Analysts

To do extremely well in this job, you must be goal-focused in addition to process-oriented equally. Computer systems analysts are required to comprehend computer hardware, software as well as networks and their working together, thus they can give recommendations to associations for the most excellent operations systems to exercise. The Labor Department expects 24.5 percent service growth for the job all through 2022.

8) Information Security Analysts

Information security analyst plans and monitors safety of computer networks for parties and government organizations. Moreover, he troubleshoots several security breaches that are supposed to occur.

9) Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is the base player of a hospital or health care settings, and every year more competent and skilled workers are required to fill this position. The BLS expects 19.4 percent service growth for registered nurse between 2012 and 2022.

10) Physician Assistant

To Work under the management of doctors, physician assistants understand X-rays in addition to blood tests, track patients’ progress, carry out routine exams and treat a variety of disorders.


Whatever a job is, you have to look for the one which suits you best, is related to your interest and field of study and above all gives you mental peace and satisfaction.