Job Trends and Insights


The United States job estimate for 2015 is predicting its best outlook in almost 10 years. Employing managers and human resource professionals from the coast are expecting to hire more this year. Moreover, many companies are increasing salaries and other benefits. Permanent and contract hiring are trending upward. Some of very hot areas for hiring are Engineering, IT and Math.

In the coming years, the education requirements for hiring will become stricter. Numerous companies will contact the personnel with Master’s Degrees in Executive and Management. In addition, the work setting will become more collaborative than ever.


The job forecast for 2015 is inspiring for job seekers and employers as well. There are numerous industries which are hiring new personnel now. If you are in search of a new opportunity in an industry on the rise, your job search now should be smart.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job expansion for medical records as well as health information technicians, together with medical coders with billers, is forecasted to be 22% through 2022 which is much greater than the overall standard job expansion. A sum of 41,100 new jobs in these areas is estimated to be added all through the U.S.

There are unpredictable 1.9 million engineers now working in the United States. Engineers resolve industrial tribulations, develop modern and new technologies, and craft the infrastructures that make our standard of living feasible. Their work links technological novelty and marketable, realistic applications that supply to the needs of associations and consumers.

The Green Profession

The amount of global green professions is difficult to guesstimate, but simply numbers in the tens of millions. Since the world carries on to huge green products and policies, it is expected that 15-60 million green jobs may be on the scope. Green careers can be found all through general industries, though, most green jobs are in industries and public services.

The growing power of technology, mobile communication and social media now makes it feasible for most awareness work and team movement to happen remotely or virtually. Remote work proposes global opportunities for aptitude who seek to contest their skills with the corporations and vacant positions that exist beyond the constrictions of a physical commute.

IT and Engineering

As miscellaneous as the IT field is today, there is no question that we are all practicing some of the similar positive alterations in the place of work. Amongst them is the changing role of IT employees, where they are estimated to comprehend the business impact of the work; the changing role of CIOs, where they are likely to be true sources of talent; and the diverse variety of careers open to IT professionals who are eager to think innovatively about conventional roles.

If you are an engineer or learning to become one. The requirements for engineers will be up to 11% in the next decade; competent engineers are in less number. Industries will be lining up to appoint new engineers with dedicated skill sets.