How do I know if a job is good for me?


Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in a specific area simply means you have become a jack of many trades. You are actually capable of doing many things specifically related to your field. But, you may find it a bit challenging to know which job is perfect for you. As much as you will have a long list of job opportunities lying before your eyes, you will still find it unsettling to single out a job that can end up making you very happy. For example, a graduate Civil Engineer will have to choose between water, construction management, transport or structurally related fields. One’s job opportunities lie in all these sectors. If you are in the shoes of a graduate Civil Engineer, you will also be faced with the challenge of choosing a field that best suits your personal preferences. The following tips will prove to be helpful in this respect. In general, there are numerous questions that you have to ask yourself.

What work environment appeals to you most?

Working environments can be indoor, outdoor or a combination of the two. As an individual, you have to choose between one of the three working environments depending on the job that you enjoy or would like to go for. You have to sit down and jot down a few highs and lows of each working environment. If you need help regarding this, you can also ask for help. This may be appropriate because the working environments may not be exactly what you imagined. Some working environments may be different from what you may expect. Therefore, seeking advice from people already working in the environment of your choice would be a good idea. Outdoor jobs often require you to be concerned about the weather pattern and the general outfit in line with the working environment. General advantages include having a good view of the surroundings and enjoying the fresh air. Indoor jobs often involve sitting or doing tasks within a closed environment. The temperature of the room will vary depending on the weather pattern unless it is controlled using air conditioners. But, you get to enjoy shelter in case of a harsh weather pattern.

Do you enjoy travelling or you like to be stationary?

If you enjoy travelling, you should know that there are certain jobs that may require you to be on the road on a frequent basis. This is a prominent feature in most disciplines. But, it is more common in some job descriptions and not others. For example, a transport engineer working on a very large road construction project will be required to travel to and from the construction site every day. Similarly, a materials technician working on the same project will be required to travel to different locations in search of the right materials to use during the course of the project. If you enjoy being stationary, you will obviously enjoy jobs that do not require you to move. Jobs in the medical industry or manufacturing industries are usually stationary in nature.

What kind of clothes do you picture yourself wearing during the course of a working shift?

Some people picture themselves wearing dust coats along with hard hats, while others picture themselves wearing boots and jeans. If you enjoy wearing lab coats, you will obviously enjoy laboratory working environments. In the medical industry, you can enjoy working as a biomedical scientist. The Civil engineering field has lab technicians. Therefore, you can also work in the lab even if you acquired an engineering related qualification.

What is your preferred salary scale?

This may appear like a sarcastic question, but you will be amazed at how often this question is asked. As a matter of fact, interviewers also ask this question in a bid to check whether their prospect employee rates oneself or not. Therefore, you have to be prepared for such questions. Depending on your preferred salary scale, you can easily choose your job environment.

Do you like working on your own, around a few people or around many people?

Some people do not enjoy the idea of working around a certain number of people. They have specific preferences on the total number of people they can work with and they have a strong desire to meet this requirement at all times. If you belong to this category of people, you can find out if the job you are applying for will afford you an opportunity to work around the number of people you are comfortable with.

Can you manage stressful jobs?

Stress is an aspect of work that is inevitable but its degree varies from one job to another. Based on the nature of the job, you can easily predict how much stress will be associated with it. It is entirely up to you to choose a job depending on how much stress is associated with it.